Best Sinus Rinse Kit


You will be more frustrated when you face acute sinusitis or cold, the extra mucus from your nose can make asthma worse especially during night time. The nasal cleaning system is one of the powerful systems to clean your nose.

Taking some drugs to eliminate the sinus problem will lead to undesirable side effects, the Sinus Rinse kits are designed to do nasal wash and it is one of the safest methods to get relief from sinus congestion that is caused by allergies, pollutants, cold, flu and much more.

A nasal wash can reduce this problem, read our article to know more details about the sinus rinse kit in order to take a step further to avoid your sinus problems.

Why nasal wash?

The first layer of nasal passage contains a thin layer of mucus which acts as a defense against diseases. A nasal wash keeps this layer clean and healthy, doing nasal wash regularly can remove excess mucus, airborne contaminants, allergens and therefore you can reduce the signs of sinus.

Top 5 Best Sinus Rinse Kit

There are many sinus rinse kit available in the market to clear your nasal passage and the below top rated products does wonders in no time.

Eco Neti Pot Starter Kit from Himalayan Chandra

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This Eco Neti Pot Starter Kit from Himalayan Chandra contains everything you need for a perfect daily nasal wash routine which optimally cleanses the sinus passage. The Neti pot is designed in such a way to dispense the perfect amount of flow and makes the nasal irrigation easy.

This kit includes Eco Neti pot, Neti pot salt and Neti wash plus. Don’t need to worry about the quality of the pot because it is made up of original ceramic and non breakable, the Neti pot salt is 99.9 % USP grade salt which is non iodized and contains no additives.

Just add ¼ teaspoon salt per Neti pot use to get an excellent result and it is available in 10 oz jar. The Neti wash plus comes in 2 oz bottle and this formula contains herbal extracts and oils which is useful for moisturizing the nasal path and provides anti-microbial properties.

Fill the 10 oz refillable jar with sterilized or distilled water and then add a few drops of Net wash plus and Neti pot salt to the jar containing water in order to improve the flow of breath. You can breathe easier after using this product.

Nasal Allergy Symptom Controller from NasalCrom

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The Nasal Allergy Symptom Controller from NasalCrom is one of the best nasal products for everyday use and it prevents you from nasal allergy symptoms.

Nasal allergies happen when your body reacts against any foreign substance such as some air borne allergens like pet hairs or pollens. If you feel that you may encounter any allergens then use this product in order to avoid any health problems and it also provides protection against further symptoms.

This product prevents you from allergy symptoms like running nose, sneezing and stuffy nose. The NasalCrom uses  5.2 mg cromolyn sodium as the active incredients, purified water for inactive incredients and prevent you from chronic allergy symptoms before they begins.

Moreover, no steroids are added and safe to use with other allergy medications. You can use this product even during your busy schedule because it does not cause drowsiness or jitter.

Best for adults and children over 2 years, for optimal result use once into each nostril and repeat it for 3 to 4 times a day. The metered spray pump from NasalCrom makes it very convenient to use and we recommend this product for those who want instant relief from sinus problems.

Allergy 24 Hour 60 Sprays from Nasacort

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The nasal spray from Nasacort provides effective treatment for sinus and other allergy symptoms. The nasal allergy is one of the common problem and you don’t need to go for the check up every time because you can use this product without any prescription.

This nasal spray is scent free and alcohol free, some symptom may get better on the first day of treatment or after using it for a week, this spray works for a full 24 hours and treats both nasal indoor and outdoor allergies.

Use once daily, spray one time in each nostril while sniffing gently and if the allergy symptoms increase, spray twice in each nostril per day. The active ingredient of this product is Triamcinolone Acetonide and releases 55 mcg per spray.

This 24 hour 60 spray provides relief from nasal congestion, running nose, itchy nose and sneezing, it also temporarily relives symptoms of hay fever, comes with no harsh taste, and you will never feel drowsy due to this product.

Once you use this product don’t share the used one with others as this may spread germs. It is suitable for both children over 2 years and adults.

Sinus Headache relief from Sinus Buster

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The Sinus Headache relief from Sinus Buster provides fierce relief from sinus and nasal congestion; this is made with natural chili pepper for intensive, fast acting relief.

The active ingredient Capsicum Annuum has been used as a therapeutic agent for the variety of ailments, this unique active ingredient act as a sinus buster and due to this you will experience a powerful sensation which will last for a seconds.

You may feel temporary discomfort such as burning, sneezing or an increase in nasal discharge due to the homeopathic formula with chill pepper. The procedure for using this product is very simple, shake well and remove the cap and then insert the nozzle into the nostril and depress the rim firmly.

Use twice a day, spray 1 to 2 times in each nostrils per day and do not exceed 8 sprays per day. Adults and children under 12 year can use this after consulting the doctor.

A clinical study shows that the Sinus Buster nasal spray is safe and effective, the average weight of the product is 1.6 ounce and releases 0.68 ounce fluid per spray that forces your passage to open due to stinging.

Nasal Spray with Wetting Agent from Rhinase Saline 

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The nasal spray with wetting agent from Rhinase Saline is different from other nasal spray, this unique wetting formula provides great moisture for dry nose. This formulation includes two salts such as NACL and KCL with two wetting agents that allows the salt to moisture and covers more surface area.

The nasal dryness and irritation is due to sinusitis, allergies, stuffy nose, cold and flu. This nasal spray moisturizer helps in preventing the nosebleeds caused by nasal dryness and the dual salt formulation provides relief from irritation in and around the nose.

The average weight of the product is 2.4 ounces and last for up to 300 sprays.  This product is fragrance free, steroid free and has no rebound effect. Use this nasal spray for lubricate and moisture the nasal passage and get relief from all your nasal symptoms.

How to clear your sinus?

You might think that the sinus will affect only during the cold season but many people suffer from sinus throughout the year. We recommend three methods for effective sinus relief.

1) The first option is sinus saline spray which provides relief by moisturizing your nasal passage. It is handy and works effectively in the case of emergency situation when you don’t have any other tools to use, just spray it to the each nostril.

2) The next method is using Neti Pot, you have to fill the pot with hot salt water to irrigate your nose and the numerous studies shows that the saline nasal irrigation method is effective. Neti Pots are good but it is difficult to carry with you if you travel.

3) The final method is like a home remedy and you can do it by yourself. The best idea for you if you are not having any Neti Pots, instead of using Neti Pots take a bowl and fill it with hot water.

Add some salt to make your solution isotonic which prevents bacterial growth and “drink” it through your nose. Try to maintain a proper angle to collect water in your mouth, once your mouth is full spit it in the sink and repeat the step for few times.

The Bottom Line

Hope you are clear in purchasing this sinus kit after having a look at the above article. Try any one of the above products and share your experience with us. Has anyone used this sinus rinse before?

Having any ideas, suggestions and queries? please feel free to ping us through the comment section below.