Top 5 Best Steam Inhalers for Sinus


Steam inhalers are the great devices to allay your cold and cough in rainy seasons and it is also recommended for those who are uncomfortable with some troubles such as respiratory symptoms, allergies, sinusitis, and asthma. Using steam inhaler reduces many health problems and improves your overall health too.

The presence of various types of steam inhalers in the market makes our options wide but all products don’t give the same results. So here we provide top 5 best steam inhalers for sinus which are absolutely worth to spend your money on.

Why do you need steam inhalers?

Apart from relieving from the sinus problems, steam inhalers are used for various perspectives namely

  • Used by the people who are suffering from asthma, cold and flu.
  • It also clears and tightens your pores and also using the steam inhalers improve the blood circulation.
  • It rehydrates your nose, throat and relieves congestion.

How to choose the best steam inhaler

These are the few things you have to consider while buying the steam inhaler.


Most of the steam inhalers are constructed by commercial grade plastics which gives a long lasting performance without acquiring any damage or rust. Since it is made up of plastic, it will be very light to hold and it also should be comfortable to use on your face.


Medical grade steam inhalers are the expensive ones but they give quality performance throughout its life span. Price varies depends on the quality of the product so if you buy a higher end model, it costs a little bit expensive but gives longer term performance and if you buy an entry level personal steam inhaler, it costs less and gives short term performance.

Steam generation

A good steam inhaler shouldn’t tend to deliver hot water droplets instead of heated steam and the amount of steam generation varies depends upon the capacity of the inhalers.

Ease of use

While you buy the steam inhaler, consider the length of the power cord because if the power cord length is large, it is ideally suitable to use.


People with the breathing difficulties, need to take the steam inhaler with them everywhere they go, in this case you  need a compact model so check whether the product is smaller before purchasing them.

Aromatherapy capability

If you want to add essential oils in your steam, you have to pay special attention while you choose the steam inhaler because not all the inhalers inherit the option to add oils into it.

Working process

You should pour the cold water into the chamber and plug the device into the power outlet to heat the water. After a few minutes, it produces steam and you are good to inhale the stream through the facial mask.

Top 5 Steam inhalers for sinus

My PurMist Handheld Steam Inhaler

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The steam inhaler from My PurMist is one of the highly recommended steam inhalers preferred by the doctors and medical institutions. This steam inhaler guarantees you the 100% safety because it is provided with the red indicator that gives the signal when water runs out so that you will be able to maintain the necessary water level.

Since this device is portable, you can easily carry with you during travel and it is suitable for all places. It gives good vapor therapy for all kinds of health problems such as flu, cold, bronchitis and especially for sinus within 5 to 15 minutes so you can have a lot of time to save.

It is one of the best steam inhalers in the market. Even though it is expensive compared to other steam inhalers, it is definitely worth the money and it gives the quality performance for years to come. This handheld steam inhaler doesn’t allow essential oil, so it is enveloped with scent packs. This user-friendly inhaler is very easy to handle.

This steam inhaler is established with Capillary Force Vaporizer technology to produce vapor. Since it eliminates the need of the boiling water, it is perfectly safe for children and it has separate masks for kids’ usage. After the inhalation, it just takes 10 more minutes to clean up itself and all you have to do is just use distilled water for inhalation.

Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

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The steam inhaler from Vicks personal is specially designed to cure all your breathing issues such as flu, asthma, cold, and sinus. Since this device gives best results for many respiratory problems like sinus, everyone wants to have this steam inhaler for them and it is one of the best inhalers out there in the market.

Vicks personal steam inhaler is equipped with an adjustable steam flow so you can control the steam production and it gives effective results. Its compact size makes this device fits into any smaller place and you can take this inhaler with you anytime anywhere.

It doesn’t have any additional container to add any essential oils or saline solutions and the steam from the device is bit hot so you have to use it a few inches away from your face and when you add solution pour the solution in the paper towel and put it inside the unit instead of putting solutions directly into the water.

This entry level steam inhaler is specially designed to give relief for occasional respiratory problems though it is very productive to give assistance for all types of breathing difficulties. It takes only 15 minutes to give you vapor therapy and you can use cool tap water for inhalation so you don’t need to go to the pharmacy to buy distilled water.

Mabis Personal Steam Inhaler

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The personal steam inhaler from Mabis helps you to breathe easily and it is very portable so you can take this personal steam inhaler with you wherever you go. This product is made up of plastic and it has a purple and white inhaler which adds decoration to your room.

It has the adjustable steam flow so you can get effective results from this device and the process will be under your control. It is a classic device for those who are suffering from cold, flu, cough, congestion and sinus infections. Since it is equipped with an extra tray, you can add essential oils to incense.

The main important feature of this steam inhaler is it is provided with an extension tube so you can extend the device based on everyone’ needs and it cools down the steam if it is hot. This Mabis personal steam inhaler gave many wonderful benefits to its customers so if you have any respiratory problems, buy mabis personal steam inhaler today and it will give amazing results.

Gurin Steam Inhaler

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The steam inhaler from Gurin produces the soothing steam and this cures all your respiratory troubles within 10 to 15 minutes, it is provided with vapor control feature so you can synchronize the flow and it gives best results all your breathing problems and allergies. This gurin steam inhaler also features an additional tank for aroma therapy so you can add essential oils into it.

Apart from this, the gurin steam inhaler is provided with many wonderful features such as extension tubes, drain tank, and so forth. With its extension tubes, it is suitable even for tall persons. It is provided with a comfortable and flexible mask which is exceptionally soft and warm to everyone and it is free from all kinds of disadvantageous materials and substances.

This steam inhaler is very easy to use and its durability and versatility make this product very unique. The working process of the gurin steam inhaler is very easy, all you have to do is simply add the tap water into the device and connect the unit with external power plug.

After a couple of minutes, water boils and it produces steady and warm mist, it cures all your health complications like sinus, coughs, throat irritation and other types of congestion problems. It is affordable to everyone and it also comes with one year warranty.

The Veridian Steam Inhaler

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Since it gives many wonderful benefits to its users, it is considered as one of the best steam inhalers available in the market. It gives natural and safe steam therapy with its adjustable steam control feature. The water tank in the veridian steam inhaler allows the essentials oils so it also provides beauty treatment along with pleasant scent.

The steam from the veridian steam inhaler will last for 6 to 9 minutes and you can easily control the steam with its adjustment settings. The important feature of this steam inhaler is it has two distinctive masks: a full face mask and a small beauty mask so it is suitable for beauty and aromatherapy treatments.

Final Thoughts

Hope our tips would help you to choose the best steam inhaler for relieving out from the sinus problems.

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