How to relieve Sinus pressure in Face


Sinus, being a major problem of many peoples has a plenty of ways to get rid of it. Today we are going to check out one of the active ways to eliminate this problem, yeah, let’s check about the sinus pressure points in the face and how you can perform it to neglect the issue in detail.


While checking for the sinus pressure relief, you might have to know about the various pressure points you can focus on. Most of the points will include fancy names like flowery Powerpuff, drilling bamboo and much more, we are going to skip those names and just check out the sinus pressure points that can bring the relief from sinus.

Sinus Pressure Points in Face

Your beautiful face indulges some points, and each of them has too many benefits.

Today, let’s see how these pressure points work and what you can expect if you are massaging or pressing those pressure points on your face.

Between your Eyes

If I need to say the exact location, it must be in between your eyebrows and above the nose bridge, you can feel your eyebrow edges meet together, this is the perfect point you are going to massage or access. Press and knead this point and then tap correctly on the spot for a minute.

What does it do?

This massage over the point will help in proper mucus secretion, also prevent the sinus from becoming inflamed and drying up. You will feel that you are out from rhinitis and cold, you can also press this point if you are not getting a good night sleep.

Yeah, make use of the glass bead or small plastic to tap, and this will calm down you from the stress and provide a peaceful and sound sleep. Apart from the above benefits, relieves the pressure in case of the frontal sinuses.

Both Side of the Nostrils

This point can be easily identified, the place located on the immediate nostril sides. Make sure you press or massage both the nostril side down at the similar time, this will help in draining your sinus rapidly and efficiently.

Do you have pain in behind your cheeks? Then do try the same pressure point for getting rid of the strain in the area. You can make use of your two fingers and then massage against the ends at 90 degrees.

Apart from the above benefits, it also relieves the pressure in the case of the Maxillary Sinuses, provides a more significant improvement in circulation over the nose area and performing this massage regularly can prevent any respiratory illnesses.

Nose Bridge

The exact location is your nose top part where your nose and the edge of the eyebrow gets connected each other.

Massage in and upwards to activate this point, do it for three to five minutes, one of the satisfactory pressure points even for the sinus headaches and normal head pain. You will get a huge relief from the pressures behind your eyes due to Frontal, Ethmoid, Sphenoid Sinuses, and Sinusitis.

Don’t worry if you are sleepy, just keep pressing this point for two minutes, and you will feel fresh and active.

Under the Cheeks

The right point is located beneath the pupil. You can trace the area underneath the cheek to find the proper position. The area of the place will be tender if you press in and upwards.

If you need to shift your entire face from the pressure, then this point would act well in providing right, happy and active face. You can get relief from the pressure in the maxillary sinuses and also if you face any pressure or pain around the cheek area namely your teeth, tongue, etc.

You can feel the pressure relief from the eustachian tubes and any sinus with ease. Keep regularly trying to check out the huge difference in your face.


Most of them might have known the place; it’s just under the nose. You will find a groove on your upper lip; you need to press or massage in and upwards to activate this point.

You can try pressing or massaging this point in case of any sneeze that has occurred due to the allergy. Pressing for few minutes can feel the sinus to be drained, and you will feel perfectly ok.


The exact location means at your eyebrow ridge; there is a shiatsu technique which is an older one for this useful method. You need to massage upwards and slowly outwards for the high relief. This is also the best pressure point for getting a deep relief behind the eyes.

Bottom Line

Apart from the sinus pressure points on the face, there are also various pressure points for different parts of the body through which you will be able to get rid of many problems with ease.

What are your views on these face pressure points? Let us know through the comment section below.