Sinus treatment in ayurveda


The cavities behind your cheeks, nasal bones, eyes, and forehead have different purposes, and this leads to sinus, and the inflammation of this cavities within the nasal passages helps to filter, warm and moisture the air that you are breathing in. Sinuses are caused due to allergies, infections, irritations or by chemicals.

There are many different classifications of sinus infections namely subacute sinus infection, infected sinusitis, acute sinus infection and noninfectious sinusitis. If you feel regular headaches, facial tenderness, nerve pain, teeth pain, etc. then it’s important you take necessary treatment to get rid of them.

There are many types of cure to this sinus treatment, but among them, i suggest that Ayurveda would be the right choice for eliminating the sinus problems from yourself.

Ayurvedic Remedies to cure Sinusitis (Sinus)

Sinus is classified into frontal sinus, sphenoid sinus and maxillary sinus, this blocks your nose easily and leads to sinusitis. The important function of the sinus is removing the pollen, smoke, dirt particles and other suspended particles. Today in our article, we will check out the various sinus treatment available in Ayurveda.

Steam Inhalation

Tulsi is considered to be the holy basil, and they serve as the best cure for multiple diseases or problems.

Similarly, tulsi has a major part in curing sinus too, yeah you need to inhale steam along with the Tulsi for about five to six times a day so that you will see a vast difference in your sinus problems.

If you are a victim of acute sinus pain, then you need to inhale the steam for seven to ten day, and in the case of chronic sinusitis, you will be required to continue the steam inhalation for more than two years.

You can do pranayama, one of the yoga breathing which is to be done in the form of forced exhalation, i.e., the Kapal Bhatti; this will help to drain out every pollutant that is being the major reason for the sinuses.

Regular practicing

Practice ‘Jalneti,’ ‘kunjar,’ ‘ghritneti’ and ‘rubberneti’ once you wake up, this will provide you the huge difference if you are performing this at 4:30 at morning. By 6 Am, you can get help from a person to massage your face, abdomen and spinal cord, once the massage has been over you need to take a sponge bath, and foot bath using the neem leaves infused the water.

Have orange juice or lemon juice with honey in warm water by 8 Am. Have some orange, honey, lemon juice or any seasonal fruits at 11 Am. At 2 PM you need to take honey, fruit juice, water or soup and then inhale hot steam. You need to make sure your face and neck are being covered completely while inhaling hot steam.

You can take seasonal fruits like orange, papaya, pear, apple, pomegranate and sweet orange at 6 Pm. keep following this daily practice, and I assure you will see a huge difference in your sinus as the above ingredients have high ayurvedic value.

Few items to Avoid

While you are practicing the above regular diet, you need to make sure you are avoiding some things like sugar, milk, coffee, oil or fried products, white flour, refined fast food, biscuits, bread, carbonated soft drinks, coffee, cigarette, liquor, chocolates, and meat, etc. to eliminate sinus.

Maintaining Diet

At the first week of the diet you will have lemon juice with honey in warm water for about three days, and then you need to take care of the diet you follow.

Never intake the food that you need to eliminate it, after one week you can little bit increase the food items you eat, you can include roti in lunch or dinner along with curd, vegetables, salad and sprouted cereals.

Once you feel you are recovering from the sinus, you need to take vapor bath regularly at morning, and apart from this, you can also make use of the spinal cord bath and cold waist bath for increasing your immunity.

Tablets to intake

Consume ginger with honey, you can make use of the jaggery instead of sugar, mix them with the ginger power and you can make the tablet of yourself and make sure they are weighing about 5 grams approximately.

You need to intake this twice a day, boil tulsi leaves, black pepper, ginger and sugar candy in one glass of water and after it reduces to half you need to strain the water and have them for getting rid of the sinus.

Meditation & Yoga

Perform janushirshasana, pranayama, dhanurasana, ardhmatyendrasan,shalabasan,chakrasana, bhujangasan, shavasan, halasan, sarvangasan , matyasan, meditation, morning walk for 15 minutes so that this increases your immunity to fight against the sinuses.

Final Thoughts

Hope you are clear about the above Ayurvedic treatments you can follow at your home itself for getting rid of the sinus quickly.

Any queries, ideas, thoughts, and suggestion on the topic are welcome.